The Element Fire Extinguisher Makes Fire Safety Easy

Tiny, stowable extinguisher makes added safety a no-brainer.

Handheld, and nearly indestructible, the Element extinguishers are a perfect option for every rig.Element

Everyone should carry some sort of fire suppression on their rig. One accident on the trail can see your precious side-by-side or ATV go up in flames, and very likely it is going to take a big chunk of the surrounding nature with it. The problem with a fire extinguisher is they are large, need special mounts, and they need to be checked and serviced regularly. In short, it’s all a bit of a hassle and so most of us just never bother with it. But, through the power of science, Element Fire Extinguishers has released a product that solves all of those issues.

What element created is basically a road flare, but instead of creating fire it stops fires. We’re gonna get nerdy for a minute, so bear with us. Just like a normal road flare, when you strike the cap the Element extinguisher starts a chemical reaction that burns through solid fuel. Instead of making fire, this flare creates a gas filled with positively charged potassium ions and nitrogen. The potassium gas effectively sucks oxygen out of the air, and that lack of oxygen chokes out the fire.

Mount it to your roll bar or just throw it in the glovebox.Element

Thanks to the interesting chemistry, Element extinguishers are essentially mess free as well. By emitting a gas instead of a chemical foam, the extinguisher produces almost zero residue. These extinguishers are especially useful for engine fires. The special gas is heavier than air, so spraying it over the top of an engine fire will allow the gas to fall into the engine bay and suffocate the fire from the top, and it can dramatically reduce the chances of reignition. No more scrambling to try and spray foam into every nook and cranny of an engine bay in the hopes you can save your rig.

Best of all, because this entire reaction uses solid fuel, the Element extinguishers never expire, never need to be charged or serviced, and they are stable in almost all conditions. They are tested to work at temperatures from -140 degrees Fahrenheit to +320 degrees Fahrenheit. Not even the hottest of Can-Am Maverick X3 glove boxes are getting anywhere near 320 degrees. This is truly an extinguisher you never need to think about. Just throw it in the glove box, and you are good to go.

If you want an Element extinguisher, it sells two models, the E50 and an E100. The name signifies how long the extinguisher produces gas. You get 50 seconds for the E50 and 100 seconds for the E100. The E50 will cost you $80, while the larger E100 runs $120.