This Ratcheting T-Handle Is Awesome

This tiny ratcheting T-handle is perfect for your tool kit.

Fix It Sticks ratcheting T-handle.Fix It Sticks

We’re constantly fine-tuning our tool kit, hunting out hardware that makes field repairs easier. Much of the time, that means finding hand tools that either take up less space or serve more than one purpose. Fix It Sticks may have earned itself a spot in the tool bag with this clever ratcheting T-handle. The company makes tools for working on rifles and bicycles, primarily. Anything with tiny fasteners, and while it offers all manner of drivers, this is the one that caught our eye. It accepts the usual 1/4-inch bits, which means it can also accept socket adapters.

There are magnetic bit holders at all three ends. We’d likely stick a Phillips, a flat-head, and a socket adapter in ours, which would be good enough to handle just about any bodywork, and replace two screwdrivers and a socket driver in the tool bag. Not bad.

The ratcheting mechanism makes short work of fasteners.Fix It Sticks

Of course, you get what you pay for. The ratcheting T-handle will set you back $40. That’s on the steep end, especially for a piece that might get lost on the side of the trail, but we’ll take having the right tool for the job over making due with the wrong one any time. Head over to the Fix It Sticks site for more information.

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