Harbor Freight Is Selling the Last Gas Can You’ll Ever Buy

NATO design and made in America.

A high-quality jerrycan, made right here in the United States.Midwest Can Company

Finding a half-decent gas can in the United States has become far more difficult than it needs to be. From questionable regulation changes to poor-quality plastics from overseas factories, the market for portable gasoline storage has become a minefield of useless products and subpar user experiences. That might be changing. Harbor Freight is now selling a 5-gallon jerrycan under the brand Midwest Can. These are steel construction, based on the proper NATO design, and made in the United States.

These feature the same fully welded steel handles, interior rust-prevention coating, and the same recessed seam welds as a genuine NATO can. Besides the bright red paint, you’d have a hard time telling the difference between the two. There are some differences however. These are civilian fuel cans for civilian use, and that means they are subject to the same regulations as plastic cans. That means a clunky “no-leak” spout, and there is no vent. On the plus side, Midwest Can does make one of the best CARB-compliant nozzles in the business. It is easy to use, actually prevents a lot of spills, and has a solid flow rate.

Having a fuel can that you can rely on is important for UTV owners. When you’re 20 miles into the wilderness, you need to know that your cans are holding fuel, and won’t bust if your rig takes a tumble. And the things that have made this design popular for more than 90 years remain true: lots of fuel in a small footprint. You’ll have plenty of space in the back of your rig even after strapping one of these down.

Current price on these is $45, but find yourself a Harbor Freight coupon and you can cut that nearly in half. Even at full price, we still think these cans are worth it. As long as you don’t let the exterior paint get destroyed so the can starts to rust, these should be the last jerrycans you ever have to buy. Count up how much you’ve spent on garbage plastic cans over the last 10 years and then try to tell us that $45 is too much for a gas can.

Hat tip to Gavin.