Hide & Glide Trailer Is an Innovative UTV Carrier

Page Distribution creates a unique SxS-hauling proposition.

Page Distribution’s trailer is a game changer.Page Distribution

A good trailer is essential to our hobby, and we find ourselves obsessing over pull-behind haulers almost as much as the machines they carry. Page Distribution has developed a wild new way to move a UTV with its Hide & Glide trailer.

The Hide & Glide eschews the traditional trailer entirely in favor of a long beam that runs underneath the machine from front to back with a mesh plate at either end. The unit that holds the rear axle is fixed and stationary. The other, which holds the front axle, slides. Riders pull their UTV onto the trailer and the front tires lock onto the mounting point. The trailer only works if the side-by-side is in 2WD, as the front tires have to remain stationary while the rear tires work to drive the front of the trailer forward and get onto the rear plate. Once all four tires are on the trailer, everything can be locked into place and strapped down for transport.

The exciting part of the Hide & Glide trailer is that it is easily folded into a compact, storable unit when not in use. The standard trailer retails for  $3,250–$3,400 and the trailer with suspension costs $4,500. We have reached out to Page Distribution to explore its Hide & Glide trailer further.

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