High Lifter Unveils New Wheels and Tires

High Lifter now sells tires suitable for mud, sand, rock, and all-terrain use.

The Roctane T4 Tire.High Lifter

High Lifter, an aftermarket UTV and ATV parts company, just released a new line of tires. Until now, the company made one tire, the Outlaw, which was designed specifically for mud. It now has a tire made for rock, gravel, sand, and an all-terrain tire. High Lifter has also released a more aggressive mud tire, the Out&Back Max, to accompany the Outlaw.

The HL23 Beadlock wheel.High Lifter

Along with its tires High Lifter released a line of wheels. There are four styles in the lineup, the HL21, HL22, HL3, and HL4, and one beadlock option, the HL23. The wheels come in 12-inch to 15-inch sizes, though not every wheel comes in every size. High Lifter also has an option to buy wheel/tire packages that ship with the tires already mounted.

For more information check out highlifter.com.

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