Kraftwerks USA Launches Supercharger Kit for 2019-2021 Yamaha YZX1000R

Yamaha’s upgraded engine means an upgraded supercharger from Kraftwerks USA.

Everything you need to make your Yamaha YZX1000R go faster, all in one photo.Kraftwerks USA

The Kraftwerks USA supercharger kit for the Yamaha YXZ1000R was already righteous. A complete bolt-on kit that required no special tools to install, it made scratching the itch for more horsepower out of the wicked little Yamaha almost a no-brainer.

According to this dyno sheet from Kraftwerks USA, the new supercharger kit is good for 140 hp.Kraftwerks USA

For 2019, though, Yamaha bestowed a set of stronger GYTR connecting rods, which means the 2019-2021 YXZs can withstand more boost. Kraftwerks got down to business, and the result is a kit that is just as easy to install, but ups boost from 5.5 psi to 7.5 psi. According to dyno sheets Kraftwerks provided, that means 140 hp to the wheels. That, friends, is some serious steam.

Smart design choices make the Kraftwerks USA system more reliable than some aftermarket options.Kraftwerks USA

The kit is also designed with reliability in mind. The crankcase cover is CNC machined, and the anodized belt housing is environmentally sealed, so no need to worry about dust, debris, or water interfering with your pulley or supercharger system. The kit includes a full-replacement airbox with a washable filter to let the engine breathe a little deeper. Kraftwerks claims its filter and airbox design also reduce airborne debris and particles, again helping to protect your new supercharger. Other goodies in the kit include an air-to-air intercooler, powdercoated aluminum piping, supercharger oil-cooling system, a blow-off valve, and all the mounts and hardware needed to complete the install.

Paint the engine shroud to match your rig, or step it up and grab a carbon fiber upgrade.Kraftwerks USA

Finally, to make sure the whole setup looks as sexy as the rest of your rig, a new engine shroud comes paint-ready with a black gel coat, but you can also upgrade to a carbon fiber shroud as well. The whole setup will cost you a hair under $4,200 and Kraftwerks USA says they are shipping out now.