Polaris Teases RZR Pro R Suspension Upgrades

We also get a new suspension system name, Dynamix DV.

Could the new DV name point to a dual valve active suspension setup?Polaris

We are just one day away from the official reveal of the new RZR Pro R, and Polaris is still dropping lots of teasers for us. The latest comes from a video posted to the official Polaris RZR Instagram page that shows off a seriously improved suspension setup. Of course there is no “proper” information given, but the video does give us a glimpse at some important details. To tackle the power and the speed of the new rig, we get a quick look at improved bearings and carriers for the wheel hubs and suspension. Also that new hub design shows off a five-lug wheel pattern, an important piece of information for all the current RZR owners looking to trade up. Your old aftermarket wheels aren’t going to fit.

Secondly, the Polaris RZR Pro R will be using a new version of the Fox active suspension called Dynamix DV. Best guess is that “DV” stands for dual valve, and that we will be getting active adjustment for both rebound and compression, making it one of the most advanced active setups available on any UTV.

Tomorrow is the big day, and all of our burning questions should get answered. Tune in to Polaris social media to watch the official unveiling, or just keep your eyes locked here to UTV Driver to catch all the upcoming news.