Polaris Unveils Track Kits for the MRZR Alpha

Track kits and enclosed cabins make MRZRs more comfortable for arctic operators.

The new track kit, along with a fully enclosed cabin and climate control.Polaris

According to The Drive, Polaris this week unveiled a new track and enclosed cabin kit for its MRZR Alpha UTVs. The kit comes in four-door and two-door options, along with heated cabin upgrades. These upgrades would make missions in cold climates more comfortable. Polaris showed off the new MRZR kit at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Tampa, Florida, last week.

The base MRZR model is meant for mountain trails and sand dunes, while the new track kit will be more fitted for ice and snow.Polaris

Polaris is under a $109 million contract with Special Operations Command to provide UTVs, including the MRZR. We have also seen Ukraine using Polaris UTVs in the war with Russia.

This will add a new option for mobility in arctic climates, as right now military operatives are using snowmobiles with low payloads. The MRZRs 225-mile range and 2,000-pound payload will make it one of the best arctic vehicles once the track kits are supplied to the military.

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