Check Out the Rhino USA Ultimate Survival Shovel

A stout, multifaceted piece of survival kit.

The Rhino USA Ultimate Survival Shovel.Rhino USA

Rhino USA makes all kinds of kit designed to handle emergencies out in the booger woods, or just be handy tools when you’re camping in the wayback. We’ve got stacks of its tools and winch accessories at UTV Driver HQ, and they’ve proven tough, safe, and easy to use. To add to all that, Rhino has just released the Ultimate Survival Shovel, a collapsible shovel and multitool.

The shovel collapses into four sections and contains at least a half-dozen individual tools.Rhino USA

Like a lot of Rhino gear, it packs down neatly into a nylon case. Inside, there is the shovel head, four-piece collapsible handle, and auxiliary tools hidden in the handle sections. The shovel can be used as a 7-inch entrenching tool, or a fully extended 31-inch recovery item, and the head folds to quickly turn into a pickax. One edge of the shovel head is serrated to create a saw blade. Inside the handle, there is an emergency whistle, small saw, and a fire starter stick. All of that retails for $34.90.

Rhino is a family company based in California, and it offers a lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee on its products. To check out more, head to the Rhino USA website.

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