Brabus Crawler Is a 900 HP, $1 Million UTV

A tube chassis and AMG-sourced engine are a recipe for vehicular madness.

The Brabus Crawler is madness on wheels.Brabus

Brabus knows nothing of subtlety. Famous for stuffing bananas horsepower into Mercedes cars and SUVs, the company recently decided it needed to build an off-road buggy. In traditional Brabus fashion, it’s fitted with firepower from AMG and a design that will make you look more than once.

Brabus usually bases its wild vehicles on Mercedes’ passenger cars or SUVs. The Crawler ditches that ethos entirely in favor of a full tube-frame chassis, meaning its bones don’t share anything with a Mercedes you can buy off the showroom floor. What it does share with a Benz is the engine, which in this case is the brand’s 4.5-liter twin-turbo V-8. In stock form it makes a huge 630 hp, but Brabus tunes it to a lofty 900. Weight isn’t on the Crawler’s good side, but it can still do 0–60 mph in 3.4 seconds.

Of course, the Crawler is more about off-roading than sheer speed. And it looks more like a UTV than a car or truck, lacking doors, sporting a roll cage, and wearing a roof that would be at home on a side-by-side. The body itself is made completely of carbon fiber, and the suspension controls 40-inch tires, to help make 20.87 inches of ground clearance. The irony is that it’s not showcased doing any crawling, but more being used in the vein of what the Polaris RZR Pro R is built for.

Brabus says the “extreme heavy-duty adventure vehicle redefines the meaning of driving pleasure at its core,” and we believe it. The Brabus Crawler might be the most expensive UTV ever, with a starting price of $939,476.39.

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