BRP Launches ‘Ride Out Intimidation’ Anti-Bullying Campaign

Can-Am invites everyone to be better people, and eliminate bullying.

BRP’s Ride Out Intimidation campaign seeks to stomp out bullying.BRP

Can-Am is taking steps to root out bullying in off-roading. To help combat intimidation and bullying and keep kindness on the forefront of the wheeling community, BRP has launched the “Ride Out Intimidation” campaign, with its sights set on bettering the communities in which it operates.

BRP is hoping to take advantage of its enormous fan base so as to help better the world. Bullying and intimidation have no place in the world, and no place in the off-road community. Can-Am and BRP have tapped into other working organizations to make it happen.

BRP is teaming up with Born This Way Foundation, Ditch the Label, and the Jasmin Roy Sophie Desmarais Foundation. Together, the brands look to make the world a better place by eliminating bullying.

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