California State Parks Rules the Polaris RZR Pro R Isn’t an ROV

Bulletin appears to classify the mighty RZR a “sand car.”

The RZR Pro R is a sand weapon, but California State Parks wants to make it clear that the machine isn’t an ROV.Polaris

A bulletin from California State Parks appears to define the Polaris RZR Pro R as a “sand car,” not an ROV. According to the memo, the Pro R’s 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine is too big for the rig to fall under ROV rules and regulations. In California, an ROV must have an engine that’s 1,000cc or smaller. Because of that, the Pro R isn’t subject to ROV enforcement under section 38600 of the California Vehicle Code.

That means that California’s ROV laws concerning helmets, seatbelts, grab bar, and seating do not apply to the Pro R. Instead, California Parks officials have taken the California Air Resources Board’s lead and defined the Pro R as a “sand car,” which means the machine will need a green sticker to play at Glamis.

The bulletin makes it clear that the Pro R is not an ROV in California.Facebook

We’ve reached out to California Parks for comment.

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