Camera Operator Killed at Laughlin Desert Classic

A UTV veered into a media area when its front suspension broke.

A camera operator was killed Saturday at the Laughlin Desert Classic UTV race in Laughlin, Nevada.Best in the Desert

A camera operator was killed Saturday near Laughlin, Nevada during the Laughlin Desert Classic UTV Race, according to the Mohave Valley Daily News. According to the paper, the person was killed when a UTV veered into a trackside media area after its front suspension failed.

The Laughlin race, hosted annually by Best in the Desert, covers 17 miles in and around Laughlin, Nevada. The UTV involved in the incident apparently broke upon landing a jump and then careened off the course. The identity of the victim has not been released, nor has the identity of the driver, according to the Daily News. Apparently nobody else was injured in the wreck.

After a pause to allow first responders to access the crash site, racing resumed on a modified course that bypassed the wreck.

Tragedies like this are a terrible possibility in any form of motorsport, and no racing series is immune forever. Our hearts go out to the families of those involved.

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