Can-Am builds Defender Max Waterfowl Hunting Rig

The big Can-Am is designed to be the ultimate duck hunting companion.

Can-Am’s Defender Max X MR waterfowl hunting rig.Can-Am/Aaron Davis

Hunting can be a messy activity, and we don’t just mean the aftermath. Hobbies such as waterfowl hunting bring with them the inevitability of getting wet and muddy. To help remedy this, Can-Am has partnered with a number of outdoor equipment companies to build the ultimate transport vehicle for water-based hunting. The result is a fully outfitted Defender Max X MR that looks the part and has the chops to back it up.

Can-Am’s Defender Max X MR waterfowl hunting rig.Can-Am/Aaron Davis

Although the platform on which this waterfowl hunting rig is built already has serious hardware, Can-Am worked with Gunner Kennels, Ducks Unlimited, Mossy Oak, Quack Rack, Stingray LED, Fuel Off-Road UTV Wheels, EFX Tires, and Lifetime Decoys. Added kit comes in the form of 32-inch EFX MotoVator tires with Fuel UTV wheels, S3 Power Sports 2-inch forward A-arms and heavy-duty springs, Stingray LED lights, and the Gunner G1 intermediate dog kennel. Can-Am itself added its own overhead stereo, flip-glass windshield, snorkel, front/rear bumpers, and half doors.

The six-seater Can-Am is outfitted in a way such that it really is the ultimate waterfowl hunting vehicle short of a boat. And even then, the 32-inch tires and 15 inches of ground clearance get it closer than most would think a UTV can come. Of course, it’s outfitted in Mossy Oak camouflage bodywork as well, so it hides as well as a big machine like this can. While this particular vehicle was already auctioned off, it does provide food for thought should you want to turn a Can-Am into your own waterfowl or duck hunting chariot.