Can-Am Parent Company BRP Reports Cyberattack

Operations have been halted while an internal investigation is conducted.

BRP’s security has been compromised.BRP

BRP’s cybersecurity has been compromised, according to a news release from the company. Can-Am’s parent company announced on August 8 that it had suffered an attack and is acting to secure its systems and halt the damage. IT is on the scene, but the fallout so far is that transactions have been halted.

The malicious cybersecurity activity hit BRP so badly that it had to tap into a third-party team of experts to help secure the company’s systems and conduct an internal investigation. From the company’s press release, it sounds like it’s not existing data but rather future plans that have been compromised. While we envision this being future ATVs and UTVs, it likely refers to future financial statements based on economic and sales figures.

BRP notes that it has halted all operations while a thorough investigation is completed. In turn, suppliers and customers may experience delays when dealing with the company. Set your expectations accordingly.

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