Watch Duck Hunters Put the Polaris Ranger to Work

The guides of Habitat Flats rely on the Polaris Ranger to build duck habitat.

Troy Vandemore, owner of Habitat Flats, prepares duck decoys ahead of a hunting session.Polaris

When you run a massive duck hunting preserve, there isn’t a time of year where you aren’t crazy busy. Between planting vegetation and making sure wetlands thrive, maintaining a massive property, and keeping up with the equipment it takes to run a game bird operation, there’s always something happening. The crew at Missouri’s Habitat Flats relies on a fleet of Polaris Rangers and Polaris Generals to keep their operations moving during the hunting season and the even busier offseason.

The Habitat Flats crew works on a new parcel of duck habitat.Polaris

Owner/operator Troy Vandemore explains that the vehicles are an integral part of property and machinery maintenance, as well as general transportation during the hunting season, when the operation makes its real money. Thanks to their rugged simplicity, almost endless configurability, and generous payloads, the little Polarises are more than happy to get bashed around all day and spring right back up for more.

The reward for Vandemore is to see his flooded fields attract birds in the fall as they move in to stock up for winter. Check out Polaris’ six-minute spot to see and hear more from Vandemore and company.

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