Ford Bronco Spends Days Submerged off Maine Coast

Poor decision-making leads to a new 4x4 becoming an artificial reef.

A Ford Bronco spent a few days submerged off the coast of Maine.The Drive

Earlier this week, a Ford Bronco driver visited Frenchman Bay near Maine’s Bar Harbor—but instead of keeping the rig near the coast and observing the stunning scenery from afar, the driver pointed the Bronco at a sandbar that was accessible during low tide. The Drive reports that the Bronco was allegedly partaking in vehicular shenanigans when it became stuck. The moon and the tides did what they do best, and with waves covering the sandbar, the Bronco was soon beached.

Fast-rising water meant the SUV was fully submerged before it could escape the sea, becoming more of a reef or an art installation than a Ford 4x4. The vehicle spent days as an ocean curiosity before its eventual extraction. A recovery diving crew used flotation bags to get the Bronco back to shore, a job that took 28 hours in total, according to The Drive. If anyone is looking for a cut-rate Bronco, we know where to find one.

This all comes as a casual reminder to approach obstacles, water features, and just about everything else in the off-road world with a bit of caution. We don’t want anyone to reenact what has happened here, for the sake of the vehicle and the environment alike. Put simply: Don’t do things that can make you the subject of an article like this one. Your vehicle, your friends, and the off-roading community will thank you.