Ford’s New Taillights Indicate Payload

Ford’s new tech makes hauling your UTVs easier and safer.

Ford wants to make towing and hauling easier and safer for its customers with the addition of new tech.Ford

Ford is introducing revolutionary hauling features on the 2021 F-150′s with optional technology package. Onboard scales, a smart hitch, and continuously controlled damping come together to aid owners towing and hauling on the regular. But the truck also features an interesting trick designed to help drivers know when the truck and trailer is at the correct tongue weight.

It’s always a guessing game when setting tongue weight with larger trailers. Ford’s answer is elegantly simple and ultra rad. Taillights that visually show you what amount of payload you’ve used.

Smart taillights show you payload at a glance.Image Source: Ford Motor Company

Hook up your trailer, drive your side-by-sides on, and watch your F-150′s taillights to see how much rear travel you’re taking up. One light equals 25 percent payload. This ingenious visual system acts just like the battery indicator on your favorite hand tool, the cellular bars on your phone, or the fuel gauge inside your UTV. While it’s not precise, it’s vastly better than nothing. You’ll also get a more detailed readout of what the truck’s sensing through the multimedia touchscreen.

Ask your dealer about option towing packages at time of purchase.Image Source: Ford Motor Company

Ford’s also bolting on what it has dubbed the Smart Hitch. It will calculate approximate tongue weight and list and display it on the touchscreen head unit. Guidance and overload warnings are also displayed for owners who like to haul multiple big turbocharged four-seat side-by-sides. All of this information is also available on the FordPass smartphone app. Knowing if your hitch weight is correct will help owners tow more safely and help maximize tire wear and braking forces.

We’re told the bed even has a small trick up its sleeve with an available scale mode. Park your rig, hit the zero button, and then load your gear. It’ll show you how much baggage you’re bringing along. We see this being useful for not overloading our UTVs on longer trips. Weigh it with the truck, adjust accordingly, then strap it into the side-by-side, and drive off into the sunset.