Hatfield-McCoy Trails See Record Visits

West Virginia’s epic trail system saw more riders than ever this year.

Riding on the Hatfield-McCoy trails.Camden Thrasher

The Hatfield-McCoy trail system saw more visitors this year than ever before. The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports that the number of riders on West Virginia’s famous trail system grew by between 20 and 30 percent over the previous year, which is itself a record. Final figures won’t be in for a while, but the trail system’s organizers say that the number of visitors have increased every year since Hatfield-McCoy opened.

It’s little wonder why. We visited only a small corner of the more than 1,000 miles of trail earlier this year, and fell hard for the place. With excellent lodging, spectacular riding, and all the history you can stand, the Hatfield-McCoy trail system is a wonder, especially on the East Coast.

While word-of-mouth and returning visitors likely helped the trail system’s record numbers, organizers say the pandemic likely played a part as well, with more riders than ever eager for an outdoor activity. Given that 2021 also saw record side-by-side sales, more people were also looking for a fun, safe place to exercise their new rigs.

Miles and miles of varied trail make the Hatfield-McCoy system a wonder.Camden Thrasher

We’re planning to head back next year and spend a little more time exploring the epic riding. We’ll see you out there.

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