Hennessey Mammoth 1000 Overland Edition Is Pure Automotive Id

Hennessey turns the Ram TRX up to 11.

The Ram TRX Hennessey Mammoth 1000 Overland Edition is a 1,000 hp overlanding rig for the truly gonzo camping enthusiast.Hennessey

The 2022 Ram TRX is more than enough for just about everyone right out of the box. With 702 hp, 35-inch tires, a rear locker, adaptive dampers, and an active transfer case, there’s little to improve upon. But legendary Texas tuning house Hennessey Performance did anyway, with the Mammoth 900 and Mammoth 1000 versions of the big Ram. As you probably surmised, the numbers in the name give away the horsepower figure.

The rack system comes loaded with an ax and shovel for recoveries and camp setup, and space to add all manner of other accessories.Hennessey

But if just having a 1,000 hp off-road missile seems impractical, Hennessey has started offering both the Mammoth 900 and Mammoth 1000 with a limited Overland Edition kit. The Overland Edition adds a rooftop tent, surround LED lighting, and a 55-inch awning to the truck, all mounted on a beefy bed rack. There is also a pressurized water tank, auxiliary fuel tanks, and a shovel and splitting ax to help get the rig unstuck or make setting up camp that much easier.

It’s a really slick package, but we can’t help but have range anxiety just looking at the thing, even with the aux fuel tanks. In stock 700 hp guise, the TRX barely manages 10 mpg. With another 300 hp and the weight of an overlanding kit, we can’t see that improving.

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