Designer Shows What a Hyundai UTV Could Look Like

The concept electric side-by-side could be the future of off-roading.

The concept Hyundai electric side-by-side.Roman Ignatowski

Polish designer Roman Ignatowski has unveiled a concept Hyundai electric UTV he concocted as a design study. The work isn’t affiliated with Hyundai, but it would still be interesting to see the company create something similar.

The concept has plenty of customization options, like solar panels and removable doors and windows.Roman Ignatowski

The design strays from what we are familiar with in side-by-sides; the sharp edges, bold colors, and intimidating stance common to current side-by-sides are put aside in favor of a more modern look. The Tesla-esque styling makes sure that you know it is an EV. The concept also includes plenty of customizable options, such as solar panels for on-the-go charging, removable windows and doors, and removable rear seats.

It looks more like a car than a side-by-side, which is exactly what to expect from a car manufacturer. Currently, the only car manufacturer making side-by-sides is Honda, and they’ve been in the powersports market for decades.

Futuristic styling while being able to do primitive work.Roman Ignatowski

It’s not official concept art from Hyundai, but it’s still enough to make us excited for the future of side-by-sides and the different manufacturers that will be entering the market. We’d love a UTV from Hyundai, electric or not.

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