Matt’s Off-Road Recovery Rescues KRX

Watch Matt’s awesome Corvair get a very stuck Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 unstuck.

Diagnosis: extremely stuck. Prognosis: Murky.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

The crew at Matt’s Off-Road Recovery is back this week with a marathon episode that includes broken air conditioners, stuck Tundras and Tahoes, and yet another crew of hapless UTV drivers. This time Matt, Lizzie, and their buddy Skeeter are using Matt’s incredible Moab-ready Corvair to pull a very stuck Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 out of an alarmingly deep wash.

Even with Matt’s vast off-road driving experience and skill and the Corvair’s insane capabilities, just getting set up for the tow was a sketchy proposition thanks to deep gashes from erosion. The first attempt to get the Teryx moved almost makes the situation worse, as the pulling force wanted to put the rig on its lid.

Pulling from the high side looked like the right choice, but ended up having the opposite of the desired effect.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

With a quick reset of the recovery rope to the low side of the stuck rig, things get a little better, but still pretty precarious. It isn’t until five people jump on the high side of the rig and Lizzie gives it some throttle that they’re able to get the big Kawi freed. To add insult to injury, on the way out the Kawi gets stuck briefly in a second hole before finally getting all the way out of the wash.

Five big dudes plus a touch of throttle ended up being the correct formula.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

It’s a situation that’s easy to laugh at until you find yourself in a similar bind. Sinkholes can pop up out of nowhere, and even the most careful among us will end up stuck at one time or another. When those situations arise, it’s great to know there are guys out there like Matt.

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