Ken Block’s Sand Slayer Meets 2,000 HP

A full day at Glamis with Tatum Motor Sports is truly epic.

The customized Can-Am Maverick X3 RS dubbed the Sand Slayer.Ken Block YouTube

Another day. Another Ken Block rig built to the nines ready to crush everything in its path. Or is it? Go ahead and pick your jaw up off the floor. You good? Here we go.

We introduced Ken Block’s brand-new Can-Am Maverick X3 RR trim last month. To recap, it’s been dressed up by the amazing folks over at S3 Power Sports to dominate in the sand. Block calls it his Sand Slayer, and that’s exactly what it does. That is, until the 2,000 hp Tatum Motor Sports twin-turbo LSX-powered TRX-4 shows up. There’s not much else to really say here so just do yourself a favor, get pumped, and click to watch the epic video below.

Sure, the TRX-4 is a true twin-turbo monster that can do wheelies in its sleep. But, let’s be honest, who can afford a $300,000 sand-only toy? Take it from us. You want the Can-Am Maverick X3. We’re certainly not biased on the subject.

While S3 Power Sports definitely had its way with the Sand Slayer by bolting on tons of choice aftermarket parts to every surface of the side-by-side, the base unit is nothing to scoff at. It sits at the top of the turbo-charged Maverick X3 lineup for a reason. Stretching its legs in the sand, across the dirt, and over whatever trail you point it at comes natural. While you won’t be able to rip sweet sand wheelies, you’ll surely have more money for epic trips. For more info, go check out our Maverick X3 RR Buyer’s Guide.

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