Watch a Matt’s Off-Road Recovery Rescue Get Sketchy

The YouTube star takes a nasty spill in the middle of a sketchy rescue.

A nasty fall saw Matt of Matt’s Off-Road Recovery end up under his trailer. He was OK, but it could have been bad.YouTube

Any kind of towing work is difficult and dangerous, but the kind of jobs that Matt’s Off-Road Recovery undertakes takes that to the nth degree. With difficult terrain, broken machines, and awkward recovery spots, the chances for something to go wrong increase exponentially. This video starts out innocuously enough, with a stuck truck and toy hauler set up. But when the crew gets called to recover a rolled-over Polaris RZR Pro R, things get interesting.

That is a desperately broken Polaris RZR Pro R.YouTube

First, the stricken Polaris’ rear suspension is so broken that just getting the rig onto the off-road trailer is a tall order. It takes a sideways winch pull and some very careful spotting to make the rig sit where it needs to sit.

Getting the machine on the trailer was no easy feat.YouTube

The crew just about gets the Polaris lined up when things become really hairy. While moving from the trailer to a rock, Matt slips and falls hard on the red rock ledge immediately behind the trailer. He ends up on his back underneath the trailer’s back bumper. Luckily, the fall only resulted in some bruising, but we’ll chalk that up to a lucky break.

Going home bruised and sore, but going home.YouTube

It’s just another reminder that even the professionals get caught out sometimes, and there’s often little you can do when things decide to go sideways.

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