Track Your UTV at a Discount

The Monimoto tracker is on sale.

Save yourself $50 for a limited time!Monimoto

Protect your UTV and save $50 all at once. Monimoto is currently running a special offer on its tracker for US customers from July 1 to August 31 with a sale price of $149. The Monimoto 7 is an easy-to-install GPS tracker that uses a smartphone app to show you the location of your UTV.

An excellent bundle of reassurance.Josh McCoig

Don’t let thieves or unauthorized users of your machine get away with their villainous acts by catching them in the moment. Monimoto will call you the moment your UTV is on the move and will follow up by sending instant movement alerts with the exact GPS location of your property. Check out our review of the Monimoto 7 and grab yourself one at a discount.

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