Pennzoil Unveils UTV/ATV-Specific Oil

The full-synthetic multi-weight oil is part of the new Pennzoil Outdoor line.

Pennzoil announced this week a new line of outdoor powersports oils, including a specific formulation for ATVs and UTVs.Pennzoil

Pennzoil unveiled a new line of oils for UTVs and ATVs at the SEMA show in Las Vegas this week. The UTV/ATV formulations are part of a bigger line of powersports oils for personal watercraft, boats, motorcycles, and snowmobiles. The powersports lineup is all full synthetic and designed specifically with smaller-displacement engines in mind.

UTV Pro Turbo class ace Sierra Romo runs Pennzoil in her Polaris RZR Pro R race rig.Pennzoil

The ATV/UTV oil formulation comes in 10w-40, is fully synthetic, and is compatible with wet clutches found in ATVs. Pennzoil says the oil is designed to help clean engines that are run in dirty and dusty environments where small particles have a habit of accumulating in the crankcase.

The oils are suitable for use in rigs that require either API SN or JASO MA2 specifications. For now, there is only one weight available in UTV/ATV spec, but other multi-weights are available for watercraft and motorcycles, so we imagine more weights might come along later.

For more information, head to the Pennzoil website.

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