Polaris Teases Next-Generation RZR Pro R Frame and CVT

Looking forward to the November 9 release date, we get a hint at a stronger RZR foundation.

What’s expected to be an upgraded frame, suspension components, and CVT transmission on the imminent 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R model.Polaris

By now, the all-new 2.0-liter four-cylinder Polaris RZR engine is old news. Now, Polaris dropped another teaser promising a “next level strong” frame and driveline, with computer mock-ups of chassis and transmission components. It makes sense that Polaris would have to beef up the Pro R’s foundation to handle the torque from the much larger engine.

In the live-action shots of the rig, you can see reinforced swingarms, which also appeared in the Hoonigan film we featured earlier this month. They appear to be stronger high-clearance pieces, ready to handle the forces that come with larger axles and wider tires. All of this will be needed to contain the monster power that the new 2.0L engine should produce.

Additionally, we get quick CGI photos of the front frame structure and what appears to be a refreshed CVT transmission. It’s interesting to see a belt-driven transmission being used in such a high-horsepower application. We guess time will tell what other special engineering has gone into this new machine.

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