Hoonigan Sends It With the New Polaris RZR Pro R

The upcoming RZR takes to the streets and air space of Long Beach, California.

We don’t condone doing this with your own RZR, but we sure enjoy watching the Hoonigan crew do things like this.Hoonigan/YouTube

While most of us are stuck imagining what the upcoming Polaris RZR Pro R will look like thanks to a recently released teaser image, the folks at Hoonigan have had the privilege of already getting their hands on one. And not just a standard machine, but one upgraded for the specific task of thriving in and surviving the high-intensity situations designed for it in their video Jump Cuts: Sending It in the Streets of Long Beach! In the New Polaris RZR Pro R. It’s an action-packed film that showcases the new RZR as the star, and gives us a taste of what it will be capable of. This is our kind of preview video.

There’s massive air time in this video, just the way we like it.Hoonigan/YouTube

Hoonigan is no newcomer to the scene of wild, RZR-backed videos, and this video has more jumping and hang time than we’ve seen in a long while. Taking to the streets and sand of Long Beach, California, driver RJ Anderson drives the Polaris hard right from the start. They depart Hoonigan’s home base then head for the surface streets, launching the machine into near-orbit at every opportunity. Some of the jumps are true madness, like the signature launch over a raised highway. The jumping doesn’t stop and leads to drifting through parking garages, hammering up and down stairways, a splash into a public fountain, and cameo appearances from other stunt drivers like Tanner Foust. And stay tuned for the beach drag race at the end. The whole video is a great time, and we won’t fault you for watching more than once.

The upcoming RZR Pro R looks extremely promising, both stationary and flying dozens of feet off the ground.Hoonigan/YouTube

RJ Anderson’s RJ37 shop has beefed up the RZR Pro R seen here, but we still get a better sense of the shape and features of the upcoming mega-Polaris. Notable inclusions are an automotive-style massive center exhaust, new signature grille lighting, suspension to make Baja racers quiver, and so on. We’re not sure exactly how much was done to the machine in the video, but our bet is it’s still largely stock aside from extra cage work and bracing. And we don’t have to wait long to find out how much kit the RZR Pro R will offer right off the showroom floor, as the video tells us to stay tuned for November 9, which we can only imagine means it’s the model’s official debut date. In the meantime, kick back and watch the craziness that the Hoonigans get into this time in one of our favorite RZR videos of the year.