Quad-X Launches Products in the US

The Irish UTV and ATV accessories were previously only available in Europe.

Quad-X ATV and UTV products will be coming to the US as soon as the company can find willing dealers.Quad-X

European UTV and ATV accessory company Quad-X has just announced that it is looking for dealers to sell its products in the US. Quad-X offers more than 140 products including trailers, weed control attachments, trailers, salt spreaders, mowers, and stock feeders. The brand grew popular in Europe due to its innovation in weed control attachments with its product the weed wiper.

The Quad-X weed wiper.Quad-X

The Quad-X weed wiper uses rollers to brush weeds with herbicide rather than using sprayers. Its weed wiper lowers the amount of herbicide that is required, and prevents overspray from killing grass and other surrounding plants. All Quad-X attachments are made to universally fit ATVs, but the company offers adapters to fit most UTVs and 4x4s.

Quad-X will be bringing a variety of its products to display at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California, on February 14–16, so if you’re a dealer who is looking for new products to sell, you should check out Quad-X.

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