Shadow Six Put a RZR on Two Jet Skis

Combining lake season with your side-by-side time has never been easier.

Early stages of the Shadow Six aquatic utility vehicle (AUV).Image Source: Shadow Six YouTube

Some folks sit in their lane, happily floating down the river of life. Others dare to dream a world full of imagination and bewilderment. Shadow Six Industries falls into that latter category. It is cooking up something we’ve never seen before: an RZR on a pair of Jet Skis.

The team has dubbed their creation the AUV. That’s short for Aquatic Utility Vehicle. It’s a Polaris RZR chassis that’s been grafted to a pair of Kawasaki Jet Skis. The RZR’s guts have been removed, having been replaced by the Jet Ski propulsion systems. Steering was fabricated to control the two rear water jet thrusters. Brakes, as with a Jet Ski, don’t exist. The roll cage still remains to make sure speculators know exactly what it is they’ve just witnessed.

The Shadow Six Industries team has been releasing most of their updates via their TikTok profile, found here: Suspension, steering, and engine video demonstrations are up for your viewing pleasure. It has even built a mini remote-controlled version of the AUV to use in the meantime. We’ll be following this build closely.

See It in Action