Volcon to Open Stag Order Books July 1

Texas eUTV startup says it’s ready to take your money.

Images of a real 2023 Volcon Stag have been released ahead of the order books opening on July 1.Volcon

Volcon ePowersports has been teasing its Stag and Beast electric mega-UTVs for more than a year now, and has released plenty of rad-looking renderings, but very little to suggest they’re anything more than vaporware. Until now, anyway. Last week, Volcon announced that it will start taking orders for the Stag starting on July 1.

The Texas startup released a video of a camouflaged Stag ripping around in the wild at a “secret” testing location. The rapid-fire smash cuts in the clip don’t tell us much about the Stag, except that at least one appears to exist, and it does move under its own power. The soundtrack is dubbed over any sound the rig itself would have made, so we don’t get to hear that sweet, sweet electric whine.

You don’t get a ton of detail from these shots, but the Stag certainly appears to be real and capable.Volcon

The latest we have heard about the Stag is that it will have just north of 100 hp, down from earlier claims of 250 or more. Torque figures haven’t been updated—although early press materials claimed 300 pound-feet, we expect that number has gone way down, since the company only described the torque as “high.” Range estimates also dropped from 150 miles to 100 miles. That’s all likely due to Volcon changing its battery specs from a 69 kWh unit to either a 24 kWh or 48 kWh option.

Whatever the case, it sounds like the Stag is headed to production, so with any luck we’ll get to try one out sooner rather than later.

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