4WD 24-7’s Jocko Talks Expert Recovery Tips in How-To Video

From kinetic ropes to winching, Jocko helps freshen up recovery knowledge.

4WD 24-7’s latest video lets us learn from the best.4WD 24-7/YouTube

4WD 24-7 creates some of our absolute favorite off-road videos. From wild adventures to documenting their vehicle-build chronicles, the gang is endlessly enjoyable to watch and supremely knowledgeable. In their recent Expert Tips for Safe 4WD Recoveries video, they put that know-how to work, bringing the viewers a round of tips and reminders for safe and successful off-road recoveries.

We appreciate the lengths to which 4WD 24-7 went to help provide an understanding of the physics behind recovering a stuck vehicle. The use of toy cars and rubber bands to demonstrate a kinetic rope’s function is especially smart and an incredibly helpful tool for showing how the seemingly simplistic tool works. Likewise, we dig the digital meters showing how force is halved and cut into a third of its original severity when using a snatch block for a double-pull line, or even a triple-pull line.

The team’s video covers things like winch weight rating and how much pulling power a winch needs. They also dive into recovery-gear maintenance, which is a crucial piece of keeping tools functional and often goes overlooked. The test subject for the video is Jocko’s beloved “Pony,” which is always fun to see on camera as well.

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