Watch Bikes and Beards Build a DIY Sherp

Sherps are hard to afford and harder to get, but ingenuity is cheap.

Bikes and Beards and his Polaris RZR 800 “Sherp.”Bikes and Beards

We’d all love to get our hands on a Sherp. The Ukrainian super utes are known for being able to go just about anywhere—including over water—thanks largely to comically huge tires. They’ve been internet famous for years, though the war in Ukraine threatened to see them go extinct.

Getting massive, heavy tractor wheels and tires onto the RZR was not easy or safe.Bikes and Beards

Thanks to Argo, you can still get your hands on a Sherp, now called the Argo Centaur XT. But just like Sherps before them, Centaurs are expensive and hard to come by. So YouTuber Bikes and Builds decided he’d make one for himself based on the bones of an old Polaris RZR 800. That ain’t the base we’d have picked, but as Teddy Roosevelt would say, you do what you can, with what you’ve got, where you are.

With a set of terribly ill-advised wheel spacers, some miraculously janky suspension mods, and a whole lot of hope, Bikes and Beards achieved his goal. Sort of. Check out the video to see the result.

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