Watch Brian Deegan Test Out His New Can-Am X3

Deegan’s crew builds him a one-of-a-kind Can-Am.

Brian Deegan’s brand-new custom Can-Am.Method Race Wheels

With the help of Method Race Wheels and CT Raceworks, Brian Deegan recently had a custom Can-Am X3 built for him. The custom build features Bilstein shocks, Method 407 Bead Grip wheels, and a custom wrap with Deegan’s signature color scheme and number.

Deegan testing the new X3 on his personal track.Method Race Wheels

He then took it to his own dirt track at his house to break it in, but not before shooting pictures of it and admiring it, because “it’s like a birthday cake, you have to admire it before you destroy it,” Deegan says. He then ripped through his dirt track, performing tight turns and getting air on some impressive jumps.

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