Billy Parks, LA Creative, and His Family Explore Their Land Via Can-Am

Can-Am’s “Where the Pavement Ends” with Billy Parks.

Billy and his sons enjoying their time in the great outdoors.Can-Am

Growing up in the city, Billy Parks and his father never did “outdoor stuff.” One thing he wants his kids to get from him is the spirit of the outdoors. On this episode of Where the Pavement Ends, Can-Am highlights Billy’s Can-Am Commander Max XT in which he takes his two sons off-roading to provide them with learning experiences that they couldn’t get elsewhere.

Work or play Parks and his boys can achieve their goals in their Can-Am Commander Max XT.Can-Am

With a busy schedule Parks does his best to maintain a work-life balance and uses that free time to take his family on outdoor adventures. While early in his own journey in being proficient in the outdoors Parks is also using that journey to not only teach his sons priceless skills but also to grow closer with them. Whether it’s clearing land, bombing down trails, or camping out for the evening they do it all alongside their Can-Am Commander Max XT.

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