Can-Am’s Livin’ the Land Visits Oklahoma

Watch the Stuart Ranch put Can-Am side-by-sides to work.

The Stuart Ranch is the oldest family-owned ranch in Oklahoma.YouTube

What’s great about the Livin’ the Land series is that it doesn’t matter that Can-Am pays to produce it, or that the people and families profiled use Can-Am side-by-sides. Each episode has told the kind of human story that myths are made of—tales of dreaming, building, and eventually succeeding. Every time, those three steps are connected by years of hard work, setbacks, and more hard work.

The next episode, set at the Stuart Ranch in Oklahoma, is no different. Founded in 1868, the outfit is Oklahoma’s oldest family-owned ranch, according to present matriarch Terry Frost. Terry is the fifth generation to work ranch land, while her sons Robert and Clay put sixth-generation boots into the stirrups and mud.

Although the land and beasts provide their harvests, the Frosts make it clear that bounty never comes easy. As Robert says, “The hardest part about keeping [this] successful is...the world.” Nevertheless, when necessity made it clear the ranch needed to diversify, the family expanded its core business; at the same time, Clay founded the Stuart Ranch Outfitters for hunting expeditions and Robert founded the Stuart Ranch Meat Company.

The Frosts tell the story of their efforts better than we can, so check out the latest episode below.

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