Can-Am’s Livin the Land Series Visits Georgia’s Caribe United Farm

The 5-acre minifarm shows what’s possible on a small scale.

Caribe United Farm.YouTube

Can-Am just released a new episode of the company’s Livin’ the Land YouTube series, this time focusing on a minifarm in Georgia. Caribe United Farm was started by Gabriel Jimenez and Tamita Brown in Athens, just north of Atlanta. Their 5-acre minifarm produces turkey, chicken, eggs, and pork to high-end restaurants all over the southeast, as well as low-cost goods to local farmers markets. The video is a quick glimpse into their operation, and a reminder that while most of us think of big ranches and megafarms when it comes to agriculture, there are thousands of farmers all over the United States working much smaller plots.

Gabriel and Tamita may seem like unlikely farmers. As immigrants from the Caribbean, the two grew up in Puerto Rico and Jamaica, respectively, before finding each other in higher education. That’s a long way from feeding hogs in the Georgia hills, but it’s clear the couple has found what they’re meant to do. If you’re stuck behind a desk, take a break and enjoy a glimpse at the work that goes into making a minifarm work.

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