Check Out This Totally Silent Can-Am Maverick X3

Tesla Model 3 Performance–powered Can-Am is the silent killer.

Donald Swadley’s Tesla-powered 2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 is a masterpiece of home-built hoonery.Ron Cobbley

Argue all you want that EVs are a long way from catching on because of short ranges and long charge times. But Donald Swadley would beg to differ, and he is more than qualified to call BS on that argument. Swadley just built a 2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 in his home garage that he stuffed with a Tesla Model 3 Performance powertrain, and a 60kWh battery pack.

The rig is happy to blast across whoops at 60 mph, but it does so in total silence.Ron Cobbley

The result is a machine that will do 120 miles of 60 mph sand wash runs with charge left over to get home. The battery pack is made up of 10 Chevy Bolt battery packs wired together. On 50-amp campground service and with a homebuilt four-charger setup, Swadley can charge the rig overnight and still have plenty of juice to run his motorhome.

This is a really, really cool build, and we can’t wait to see more rigs like it in the future. Sure, there may not be Tesla Superchargers in the desert, but when you have campground service and access to dunes, there should be no such thing as range anxiety.

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