Watch CboysTV Go Full Tornado in a Maverick X3

What do you do with a frozen lake and a Can-Am? Donuts.

A frozen lake and a full-throttle Can-Am. What could go wrong?YouTube

The crew at CboysTV is always good for a laugh. With winter in full effect in their neck of the woods, they did what any enterprising soul would do: Took one look at the frozen lake down the road and built an ice racing track for some fun with a Subaru WRX and Ford Focus ST. It took plenty of work with a couple of tractors and snowblowers, but they were left with their own personal rally course. But they didn’t stop with the cars. They happen to have a Can-Am Maverick X3, and were recently challenged by some other online instigators to execute the fastest donuts they could.

The result is spectacular. The pilot wastes no time putting the Maverick’s throttle on the floor resulting in a Can-Am tornado. The thing pivots in place with all four tires ripping at the ice until inertia threatens to take over and sling the machine on its side. Hilarious.

The whole video is worth a watch, but the Can-Am shenanigans start at around 6:50. Of course, it doesn’t take long before DNR shows up and puts an end to the fun.

All this got us thinking: Maybe it’s time to start a side-by-side ice racing league. Who’s in?

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