Watch This Madman Drive a Mini Jeep to Moab

China’s finest metal meets many miles of empty Utah.

Would you drive this to Moab from Salt Lake City?YouTube

Moab attracts all manner of humans, all of us more than a little twisted. After all, you have to be a smidge off to think aiming your vehicle at near vertical slickrock cliffs sounds like a good time. But Ed March has taken our particular brand of demented and taken it to a new level by attempting to drive a Chinese mini Jeep from Salt Lake City, Utah to Moab via forest roads. Keep in mind, this is a machine primarily designed for children to drive around manicured lawns.

Surprising no one, calamity unfolds almost immediately. March starts off by discovering that his included Jerry can is decorative. That’s after swapping the anemic 125cc engine for a more potent Honda race engine, then back again after the gearbox on the Honda unit lets go. With a few plastic gas jugs strapped to the rear, March eventually sets off for red rock country.

Hilarity ensues. If you’re looking for a good way to spend some internet time, look no further. Check out the video below. If you like what you see, March has all manner of other adventures on his channel, all worth a watch.

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