Matt’s Off-Road Recovery Breaks Their Trailer

Sometimes even the rescuers need a helping hand.

Everything started out well. But then things took a turn for the worse.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

Off-road recoveries are dangerous work—more often than not, they result in broken tow rigs that end up needing to be rescued themselves. In this episode of Matt’s Off-Road Recovery, Matt’s helper Trevor takes the MORRvair and their off-road trailer to rescue a Polaris RZR that managed to roll over backward in Moab’s Maze trail system.

That is anything but a simple winch pull.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

With the RZR at the bottom of a steep climb down a technical piece of single track, it was never going to be an easy pull. The MORRvair usually loves tough jobs, but on this day, the trailer had other ideas. After a harrowing winch pull up a terrifying angle, the RZR goes on the trailer easily enough.

And then, things got super complicated.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

But a rock ledge on the trail leading out gave the crew all they could handle, bending the front driver-side trailer axle and wheel backward into the rear axle. The crew were just able to bring the trailer and the stricken RZR to safety. After limping home, Trevor managed to get the trailer stuck back together with a MIG welder and a little time.

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