Watch Matt’s Off Road Recovery Start on Heavy Wrecker Build

Off-road wizards employ genius engineering to get a custom build underway.

MRAP axles and a custom box-section steel frame are the start of an epic off-road recovery rig.Matt’s Off Road Recovery

The team at Matt’s Off Road Recovery has a couple of awesome rigs already in their Jeep XJ and the incredible, custom-built “Morrvair,” but neither rig has super heavy-duty recovery capability. They might be adept at yanking the odd UTV out of a rut or off a sand dune, but when an RV gets stuck, they’re not much use.

To expand their repertoire to heavier-duty tows, MORR is building a custom heavy tow rig centered around the axles from a US military MRAP. That stands for “mine-resistant ambush protected,” in case you were wondering. Suffice to say, this thing will be stout.

This shot shows the wrecker’s massive frame gussets and built-in steel skid plate clearly.Matt’s Off Road Recovery

The frame is a fully custom fabrication using massive steel C-channel beams boxed with 5/16-inch steel plate. Some of the box section will later be plumbed for air lines to give the rig built-in air tanks. There’s no word yet on what kind of body, powertrain, or recovery gear this beast will run, or how MORR intends to title or register it. We expect that all will be revealed in coming episodes.

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