MORR Comes to the Rescue of a Cliff-Diving RZR

Matt’s Off-Road Recovery brings a Polaris UTV back onto the trail.

MORR to the rescue.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery/YouTube

The Matt’s Off-Road Recovery crew is at it again, this time coming to the rescue of a Polaris RZR driver who had a very rough day. When the UTV went over a trail’s outer berm and down a cliff, it ended up beached and unable to get back up to the track. In cases like this, MORR is the first and only call.

The RZR Trail ended its unfortunate descent down the cliff by fetching up against a few trees, which was lucky for the occupants, as the UTV would have otherwise kept rolling down the mountain.

Of course, part of the fun of the video is the intro portion, which takes viewers wheeling with the Matt’s Off-Road Recovery team, joined this time by Hollie from MischiefMakerTV. The trail is so brutal that they have to ditch the trailer in a tricky turnaround point, which also gives us a good look at how well built their Jeep XJ Cherokee—dubbed “Banana”—is for this kind of use. And as is the case with any MORR video, the actual recovery section takes some thinking and clever rigging from the team. Like those in the RZR featured in this one, we can all learn something from a MORR video, and this one is no exception.