Matt’s Off-Road Recovery Saves a Can-Am on a Restricted Trail

A Can-Am Maverick too big for the trail it’s on makes this rescue tricky.

Admiring the Can-Am’s work.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

The Matt’s Off-Road Recovery team were in Moab, Utah, at the beginning of April for the Easter Jeep Safari when they received a call for a stuck Can-Am Maverick X3 RS Turbo RR. At first it sounded like a simple recovery, but the 72-inch-wide Can-Am was on a trail that is restricted to 52-inch-wide vehicles. Not only that, but their recovery vehicle, nicknamed “The Banana,” is also 72 inches wide.

A tight fit.Matt’s Off-Road Recovery

The Maverick was sliding off the side of a drop-off when it got stuck. While in most cases that would have been easy enough to drive off of, in this case the tire was stuck behind some pieces of rebar which would almost certainly puncture a tire. Unfortunately, the crew had emptied the tools out of their rescue vehicle to make room for coolers and other supplies in preparation for the Easter Jeep Safari. Their solution was to use rocks to make a primitive ramp for the Can-Am to safely drive over the rebar.

The Maverick was returned to its owner after a tight rescue. The rest of the video shows the crew getting a stuck Polaris RZR out of a storage container in the snowy mountains of Utah. After two successful rescues, the crew returned to their fun at Easter Jeep Safari.

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