Watch This Modified Roxor Pull Crazy Angles

The diesel-powered Jeep clone shows its mettle in Pennsylvania.

The Mahindra Roxor is a cool little rig right out of the box, with turbodiesel power, a manual transmission, and the ethos of an early Jeep. With a few mods, it’s an absolute beast.Max Anthony

The Mahindra Roxor is one of our favorite UTVs out there, even though it’s a little hard to call it a true UTV. The original design, which was built between 2018 and 2020, had excellent Jeep styling to match its no-nonsense, rugged personality. That rad styling was its demise, but Mahindra bounced back with a redesigned Roxor, and the little beast lives on.

Pennsylvania’s rocky trails are no joke, but the Roxor just walks up them.Max Anthony

With leaf springs, solid axles, a traditional manual or automatic transmission, and a low-range transfer case, the Roxor spits in the face of the tech that most UTV builders throw at their side-by-sides. With a 63 hp turbodiesel inline-four under the hood, they’re no match for most side-by-sides in a straight line, either.

Custom axles certainly don’t hurt, but we bet a stock Roxor would have a pretty good time getting after these obstacles too.Max Anthony

But thanks to their light weight, age-old design, and simple mechanicals, they’re dead easy to work on, and as in this case, they take modifications well. This one obviously has bigger wheels, tires, and axles than stock, and has been fitted with lockers, which it doesn’t get from the factory.

With those mods in place, it positively dominates the rocky screes at Pennsylvania’s Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area. We must get our hands on one of these little rippers, and soon.

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