Check Out the Dusty Carnage From Red Bull Stone Scramble

And get psyched for December’s Sand Scramble at Glamis.

Tennessee’s Brimstone off-road park provided beautiful scenery for the Red Bull Stone Scramble.Red Bull

The 2022 Red Bull Stone Scramble stormed into northeast Tennessee’s Brimstone Recreation park in September—right at the end of a long, hot, dry summer. The event saw dozens of racers compete in one of two classes: SxS Pro and SxS Sportsman. The pro class drew the likes of Dakar Rally hero Seth Quintero, while the Sportsman class saw everything from semi-pro racers to shoestring-budget amateurs.

A tight, dusty course set the scene for plenty of chaos over the nine-lap race.Red Bull

Thanks to a blistering summer without much rain, the wooded course cut into the red clay hills and created blinding dust storms for anyone behind the first-place vehicle. Add Brimstone’s network of fast straights and tricky, steep climbs, and the race ended up being nothing short of grueling.

Todd Beckett won the nine-lap SxS Pro race, with Quintero managing fourth after a mishap halfway around the course held the field up for a while. In the video you see here, Red Bull follows up-and-comer Kyle Arkenau, who finished fifth just a few seconds behind Quintero.

The last race in this year’s Red Bull Scramble series is the Sand Scramble on December 10 at California’s legendary Glamis sand dunes. After the Scramble debuted last year to unexpectedly strong demand, Red Bull has opened 150 grid spots for this year’s race. And if you can’t get there but still want to watch, Red Bull TV will broadcast the event live.

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