Robby Gordon Shows off the Speed UTV LCD Dash

In another production update, Gordon shows off the rig’s display.

Robby Gordon gave another Facebook live update on his Speed UTVs last week, detailing some of the available options.Speed UTV

With about a month to go before the 2023 Speed UTV El Jefe hits customer’ driveways, Robby Gordon has dropped another Facebook live update on the long-awaited machine. There’s a lot of good stuff in the clip, such as Gordon claiming the rigs will easily clear 35-inch tires. In fact, Gordon also says that he ran an El Jefe on 35s in the NORRA 500 without issue. The rigs will still come on stock 32s, mostly because Speed UTV did emissions and other testing on 32s. However, if 35s fit, we expect owners will quickly get down to switching them out.

Gordon also details some of the more mundane but important features of the El Jefe, dwelling on those that come as part of the optional bundle package, including the onboard infrared belt temperature sensor. The dash will also have screen mirroring capability, which will allow drivers to mirror their cell phone screen onto the display in order to run mapping applications. Opting for “the bundle” also gets buyers integrated tire temperature and pressure sensors. The temperature sensor measures the carcass of the tire, which helps contextualize tire pressure data. According to Gordon, the system is embedded into the rig’s ECU and is not just a valve stem TPMS.

Delayed or not, if the El Jefe’s features all work properly out of the box, it’s a damned impressive set up, especially for those who spend most of their time in the desert. We’re just hoping we’ll soon see more than just test mules in the metal.

Check out the whole detailed update on the Speed UTV Facebook page.

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