Watch SXSBlog Break Its Two-Stroke Snowmobile X3

The side-by-side-turned-snowmobile makes big jumps in the snow.

SXSBlog getting air in its two-stroke snowmobile Can-Am X3.SXSBlog

At what point can a modified side-by-side still be considered a side-by-side? SXSBlog is pushing the limits of UTV modification with its newest project, a Can-Am X3 modified with tracks and skis. Did I mention that the crew at SXSBlog swapped a two-stroke engine into it? You get all the sounds and snow capability of a snowmobile with the protection and size of an X3, the best of both worlds.

An unfortunate end to the day.SXSBlog

SXSBlog modified the X3 to run parallel with its snowmobile challenge, where every person in the crew had to purchase a snowmobile for $1,000 or less and then run challenges with them. After a couple weeks of repairing and upgrading their sleds, they finally got a perfect opportunity to test them out during the first snow of the season. While the rest of the gang was out testing their snowmobiles, Nick Sous wanted to try the custom X3.

Sous started with a few laps around a snow-covered field, getting a feeling of how well the machine handled. After a few pulls and snowdrifts, the crew wanted to send it off of their dirt ramp. In standard SXSBlog fashion, they ended up sending it a little too hard. After a hard landing, a ball joint in the left ski broke and left the ski with no support. Thankfully, a ball joint is an easy fix and the two-stroke snowmobile X3 should be back in the snow soon.

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