Watch SXSBlog Crew Achieve Vertical Glory

Asinine? Yes. Awesome? Also yes.

Early runs were impressive, but not quite as epic as the crew had hoped.SXSBlog

We haven’t always loved the SXSBlog crew’s work, but this video is peak UTV content. They armed their resident fabricator with plenty of angle iron, a MIG welder, and a design brief that requested a wheelie ramp. It didn’t take long for the terrifying beta model to appear. When that vehicle damn near impaled a Can-Am X3, the SXS team went back to the drawing board.

Then a little practice engendered some overconfidence…SXSBlog

Version 2.0 was much more stable, but didn’t kick the front end nearly high enough, so it, too, got scrapped. Enter version 3.0, which combined the height of version 1.0 with the stable base of version 2.0. Success at last.

…which had predictable results.SXSBlog

With a ramp high enough, SXS Blog stalwart Doug manages to get his Polaris RZR Pro XP to stand almost vertical before the inevitable backward rollover. In the process, he also peels the bed and rear bodywork off. Eventually, though, he gets 50 yards or so of rolling, near-vertical wheelie. It is, in a word, glorious.

The Can-Am refused to be left out.SXSBlog

The Can-Am X3′s attempts are slightly less successful, but also result in a toes-over-tail rollover and wasted bodywork. This video obviously cost a lot of money and time, but damn was it worth it.

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