2021 Nissan Titan Pro-4X Update Gallery

We burn up I-75 in our long-term Nissan pickup.

The Titan looks handsome with a proper rig hooked to the hitch.Zach Bowman
We burned nine hours south from our Knoxville headquarters, and the Titan never skipped a beat.Zach Bowman
Off-road packages typically fall down when it comes to towing, but the Pro-4X package handled the relatively low combined weight of a Can-Am X3 and a Ramptek like it was nothing.Zach Bowman
If you’re looking for a solid single-rig towing setup, you can do far worse than a Titan and a Ramptek.Zach Bowman
Those headlights are a work of art, and make covering miles in the dark less fatiguing.Aaron Richardson
The integrated trailer brake controller works great. We just wished the Titan would deactivate its parking sensors when we plugged in a trailer harness.Aaron Richardson
The Titan’s infotainment can occasionally show its age, but the stereo is excellent. Good enough to drown out your co-pilot’s questionable singing.Aaron Richardson
Would we buy a Titan Pro-4X? Absolutely. A great engine, comfortable interior, and solid capacities make it a no-brainer.Aaron Richardson

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